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A meme went around shortly before (during?) March Madness this year showing a Disney/Pixar bracket that was obviously filled out to generate the most indignation (Cars 3 won its opener, which was the dead giveaway).

And now, a couple of days before the latest in an endless string of unnecessary and mediocre Pixar sequels, The Ringer has ranked all of the Pixar movies released to date. This one doesn’t have near the indignation factor, but there are a couple of choices I would make differently.

The #1 spot is, of course, unarguable. (Yes, I’m sure it can be argued, but only by tasteless people who don’t understand movies and whose fathers smell of elderberries.)

I would fill out the Top Five with Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Inside Out, and Monsters, Inc. in whatever order you want to put them in. (I listed them in alphabetical order, not the order I would give them.)

They do get the bottom four exactly right.

Read, discuss, and enjoy reminiscing about the decade when Pixar was synonymous with “great movie,” (not great kids movie, great movie, full stop), before Disney’s Darth Franchise stole Pixar’s soul and turned them to the Dark Side of the Sequels.

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