Long ago in a galaxy far, far away, before the term “social distancing” had been invented, when people in masks robbed banks, when the year looked like a countdown instead of an eye chart, I wrote about our church’s twentieth anniversary, and specifically about the man who welcomed us when we started going there.

And then this happened…

Hurricanes and their predecessors are usually the only natural phenomenons that get names. Tornados usually move through an area rapidly.

Both of those were upended the last several weeks, as Tornado WCG descended over the DFW area for an extended stay. The resulting destruction was about what you’d expect from a cat-5 tornado moving in and around an area for two-and-a-half months. NRH2O, Six Flags, Urban Air, Schlitterbahn, Chucky Cheese, iFly, Hurricane Harbor, both area zoos, Chick-fil-A, every Sonic within a ten-mile radius, a couple of innocent bystanders with pools, the world’s most nervous bulldog, and four grandparents still aren’t quite sure what hit them.