Beating Grain

A thirty-three year old song popped up on my playlist yesterday. In the range of music I listen to, that’s about middle-aged. (I go as far back as Sinatra, who actually came up as I was writing this, and as far forward as last week.) This song’s pretty special, though, so I thought it was worth talking about.

Rifles and Rosary Beads

Certain things date a person.

  1. Knowing where you were when Kennedy was shot.
  2. Having watched a man walk on the moon.
  3. Remembering when they believed man actually did walk on the moon.
  4. Having watched a draft with a knot in your stomach instead of NFL rosters in your hand.
  5. Remembering when Michael Jackson was a) alive, and b) not weird.
  6. Having watched the Cowboys go to the NFC championship game every year instead of every half-century.

I only hit on two-thirds of those (no idea where I was when Kennedy was shot, and I was born in the only two-and-a-half year period in the last 75 years that didn’t have to register for Selective Service), but that’s more than enough.

Spaghetti Symphony

You knew there was no way I wasn’t going to link to this. The title theme is excellent (I’ve been listening to it for 50+ years and they get it pretty close to note perfect), but stick around for the best four minutes of music in movie history.

(The “waa-WAA-waaaa” lady sounds great, but she looks like she’d rather be doing the dishes.)

If somebody wants to take me to this symphony, I’ll gladly go.