Have I Got Adele For You

As you saw a couple of weeks ago, the WCG is back in town, so hurricane-force winds are in effect for the duration.

As you may also remember from a couple of years ago, the WCG loves Adele, for reasons that remain a mystery to all of us. Sure enough, as soon as we all got in our car the first time, “Play ‘Rumor Has It’!”

You may also remember from that post that it took a while, but we managed to work our way up to three whole songs from 21 that he would listen to. Well, somewhere in the last two years, and, again, it’s a mystery, he’s discovered yet another song from the album. So now our play list is up to four songs. From the same album.

His musical tastes are a little bit, shall we say, focused?

So are his movie tastes — Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar (yes, all your base are belong to Disney). Which means we were in the theater Tuesday at noon for Incredibles 2.1 Last time I alluded to it with “the latest in an endless string of unnecessary and mediocre Pixar sequels.” That was, of course, based on having seen the completely unnecessary and sometimes not even mediocre sequels of Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and Cars (the original of that one was itself unnecessary and mediocre).

But, I have to say, Incredibles 2 is pretty good. There are a few quibbles to be had (Bob and Helen are both a little too 70’s about the whole working mom thing, and the reveal was painfully obvious), but they are few and minor. It had humor, it had Jack-Jack in full Jack-Jack mode, it had a raccoon, it had Edna (dahling!), it had Honey, what else could you want? It will be the first Pixar sequel I purchase since Toy Story 2. Recommended.

The Mother of All Garage Sales also happened when you weren’t looking. Thanks to all of those that donated items to sell2 and those that donated time (special shout out to Kim), and most of all to my wife, the sale was a spectacular success. So much so that I estimate Sharon earned upwards of $3/hour for all of her efforts… (No, really, it was a huge success. She just spent an equally huge amount of time on it.)

And, if all of that wasn’t enough excitement, I drove around the corner to get Wing Stop wings for dinner one night last week and was in an accident. (To quote Han, “It’s not my fault!”) I’m OK (or as OK as I get), but the car is no more, it has ceased to be, it has expired and gone to meet its maker, it is an EX-Honda. (But not a Honda EX.) If you know anyone with a low-mileage 2013 Accord LX in perfect condition they want to sell, be sure to let me know. (I feel like this story should be worth some free wings. If you know someone in Wing Stop’s marketing department, make the call.)

The WCG took his parents back to Arlington this morning for his dad’s parents next turn, so Nana and I have a couple of weeks to recuperate.

It might take all of it.

  1. See a Pixar movie opening weekend with 1200 of your closest friends’ 6-year olds? Are you out of your mind?
  2. The sale, like the last furlough’s sale, was raising money for the kids for insurance, plane tickets, and sundry other missionary expenses.

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