Since I had some time on my hands, I’ve made a few changes to the site. The biggest you (hopefully) won’t notice; I converted the WordPress theme to a child theme to make it easier to update. I also made a couple of cosmetic changes that only the most a-r of you will notice, which means if you call them out you will be so labeled.

Lastly, I added a plugin that lets you hover over “footnotes” to see the text, instead of having to click on them and go to the bottom. It makes for an easier reading experience, IMO.


I was told this week that I have a hobby blog. I got the distinct impression that in that context, “hobby” meant “not read by anybody”.

Which I already knew — I see the stats after all. Yes, that’s a slight exaggeration, it is read by someone (hi, Mom!), but speaking in broad generalities it’s mostly true.

But that triggered the conversation in my head again about whether that’s OK. And then my bill for the website came in yesterday, and I had to think about it again.

Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Just a quick site administration note. I’ve setup secure hosting for Broken & Saved, which means you should get here with instead of plain The site will automatically redirect you to https if you use forget and use http, but it would be good to update your bookmarks to the site to add the s after http.1

You will (should?) not notice any difference at all. The only difference is that the communication between your web browser and the web site itself is now encrypted, and you have assurance that when you specify this site in your browser, it’s really this site that comes up. 


As a nation, we tend to be lovers of second chances, especially when it comes to talented athletes that play for our team. But it extends to the business world, too — Apple’s rise from being thirty days away from bankruptcy to the  company with the largest capitalization in the world in just a few years, or GM’s rise from the brink (with a little government help).

In the spiritual realm, Jesus called our ultimate second chance “being reborn” or being “born again” (John 3:3), and said it was the only way to the kingdom of God. Nicodemus wasn’t sure what He meant, and I’m not sure many of us do, either. 

In the context of this post, “reborn” refers to what’s happening to the blog formerly known as The Rice Paddy Two.