Becoming Less of a Man…

… in terms of mass, anyway.

Have you seen one of those pretty color-coded BMI charts lately? As of today, I’ve moved into one of those green squares. Now, it’s an edge green square, with a yellow square next to it, looking ominous and whispering “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” But, still, it’s green.

A year ago, I was in one of those orange Whataburger-colored squares, of which a contributing cause may or may not have been Whataburgers. I was a semi-permanent resident; I had been in that square for ten years or so—there were pictures on the wall, a well-lived in couch, and stacks of chocolate in the closet.

smto dvciideta agme vere

Everyone knows by now that the iPhone is misnamed — of all the things it is, a phone is the least of them. It’s a calculator, it’s a camera, it’s a level, it’s a photo album, it’s a DVD player (via Netflix), it’s a floor wax AND a desert topping! (That’s right, there once was a time when SNL was funny.)

It’s also a portable game player, enough so that Sony has started attacking it in it’s PSP ads. I never have been much of a game player myself, much to my son-in-law’s chagrin, but last year at Christmas my sister showed me Word Warp, and I was immediately sucked into the Black Hole from Hades.