Days 4–7 — High Contrast

In photography, “high contrast” is, loosely speaking, when there is a marked difference between darkness and light in the image. This has been a high-contrast week.

Did any of this happen to you this week?

  • You walked along the neighborhood with a friend and passed three women, and when you got around the corner the person you were walking with said, “Those three women are all traffickers,” i.e. they sell girls in the neighborhood to brothels for sex.
  • You got to the location where you were doing a VBS, and the pastor’s son came out and stuck up his hand so you’d take it and walk with him, exactly like your grandson.
  • You walked in a different part of the neighborhood with that same friend and passed a little elementary-age girl, and when you get far enough away, he turns and says, “That was the girl I was telling you about yesterday, the one who was raped every day for over a year, but now the mom has now stopped selling her.”
  • You taught Excel to a teenager who has never seen it before, and in thirty minutes he’s understanding COUNTA’s and COUNTIF’s.
  • You looked out on a sea of children and began to notice the tell-tale signs of cronic sexual abuse in several of them where before you had not noticed anything because you were oblivious.
  • You had those same children, as they came by to get a snack after VBS, smile huge smiles and tell you “Thank you!”.
  • You walked around the really poor part of town, where they live in quiet dignity in tin huts with maybe a chair or two, and do everything in the space of 150 square feet.
  • You ate lunch with a group of teenagers who got up at 6:00 in the morning to study the bible with their pastor for over an hour.
  • Those same teenagers circled around you on your last day with them, walked around you and sang blessings to you for ten minutes.

We have had all of that happen and more.

Satan is on the prowl, looking whom he might devour.
The eyes of YHWH move over the earth to strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

Never were both truths so evident in one place, at the same time.

It is definitely high contrast, and therefore a great picture of another verse: The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overpower it.

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