Let It Roll

It’s no secret that I despair over the state of “Christian music” these days. Christian radio is programming for the Q-Anon soccer moms and the rest of us just have to muddle through. The good news is that I’m discovering a lot of bands I missed out on fifteen years ago.

But, as Elijah discovered, there’s always a remnant.

Rend Collective has been making good albums for several years now, but the lead song on their latest hits like a quadruple expresso. If you can sit still while watching this video you should schedule an appointment with your cardiologist as soon as possible.

We believe that worship music is meant to sound like good news on the ears of the poor and the oppressed. We believe that worship music is meant to sound like justice.

If you’re not completely up on your minor prophets, the title of the song comes from Amos.

But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.

As you may remember, that verse has a special significance to me and the church family we’re a part of. But this is the song of the year even if I’d never heard of that verse before.

I’m hoping the first words he speaks on the video are true for the industry as well:

All right, we’re not done yet.

(Also, check out the spectacular crowd shot twenty-nine seconds in. Every cinematographer has a little photographer in them.)

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