Unrepentent Lechers

From John Piper’s response to Lecrae’s recent interview with Truth’s Table. You should listen to the latter and read the former, in that order.

John Piper and a few million other supposed natives didn’t vote for Donald Trump. We don’t think unrepentant lechers should be president. We don’t think Robert E. Lee is a simple embodiment of nobility. We don’t think the confederate flag can fly with impunity. We don’t think kneeling for justice desecrates the other flag. We are baffled that Philando Castile’s shooter walks free. We are dismayed at the nationwide resurgence of manifest racial antagonism. We don’t think “systemic” is an unintelligible word. And a few of us, believe it or not, are impenitent five-point Calvinists (how else can you survive?).

I often don’t agree with Piper (I’m not a five-point Calvinist and I survive just fine, thank you), but I’m 100% with him on that quote, with the already noted exception.

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