Spaghetti Symphony

You knew there was no way I wasn’t going to link to this. The title theme is excellent (I’ve been listening to it for 50+ years and they get it pretty close to note perfect), but stick around for the best four minutes of music in movie history.

(The “waa-WAA-waaaa” lady sounds great, but she looks like she’d rather be doing the dishes.)

If somebody wants to take me to this symphony, I’ll gladly go.

Sound of (Movie) Music

I bought a soundtrack to a fifty-year old movie this week.

Which, of course, got me thinking about my favorite movie soundtracks. (Why, doesn’t it you?) I’m going to exclude musical soundtracks; that’s kind of cheating, since the soundtrack essentially is the movie. Or a large portion of it. So, no Sound of Music (ugh), no Funny Lady (double-ugh), and most definitely no La-La Land.

Good movie soundtracks are usually unobtrusive; they make the movie better, but don’t take attention away from it. Great movie soundtracks, however, not only make the movie better, they become a character themselves, a character so good that you can’t help but notice them.