Because I Said So

Someone I follow1 on Twitter posted something a couple of weeks ago along the lines of “The retail industry loses $16B a year to people wearing and then returning clothes.” I replied with something along the lines of “That’s a great Internet number, made up and completely unverifiable.”

This led to a couple of exchanges, ending with the other person saying, “there’s a lot of dumb stuff online, but a Duke & MIT study is research driven.”

I’m going to cover the specific issues first, but then we’ll get to the bigger issue, because it speaks to how we make our way through the land mine field that is the world of information today.

Sounds of Silence

Today’s subject is memes, or at least one meme in particular. It’s also going to be slightly controversial, because who doesn’t love a little controversy on a Saturday afternoon? After this I’ll tackle something really controversial, like the clown and the crooked liar that are running for President of the United States1, or the fact that Steak ‘n Shake has lousy steaks and mediocre shakes.

For the uninitiated, meme is pronounced meem, not me-me (which is properly spelled Mimi and concerns another subject entirely).