The Magical Music/Movie Tour

I gave my music-savant friend Ryan a challenge the other day, and that in turn led him to a post on fandom. The circle must be unbroken, so these are some musings on his musings inspired by my question. (We have Dramamine available in the lobby.)

The (Not So) Sure Thing

Back before anyone knew who John Cusack and Nicolette Sheridan were, they made a movie called The Sure Thing (how could that possibly be thirty years ago!). In it, Sheridan played the title character (and that title is how she’s credited) who was the object of desire of every boy in school for obvious reasons.

The Best Rock and Roll Album You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Want a great way to start an argument that doesn’t involve politics or religion? Ask a group of music-lovers what they think was the greatest decade in rock and roll. (First, ascertain if they even know what rock and roll is. One of the answers I saw to this online was “The 80’s, because of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper.” Bzzzzt, you’re disqualified. Also, we’re revoking your Spotify playlist privileges.) After the furor dies down, you’ll probably find that everyone settles on the decade they were in high school, because that’s the music they know.

Even then, you won’t find many that answer the 90’s.