Perfect Pitch

I had too much time on my hands this weekend, so I started thinking about “perfect” (within three decimal places) songs. You know the ones — five-stars in your iTunes library, ones that you could listen to a dozen times in a row (and have), songs that you’re pretty sure could not be improved in any conceivable way. They’re … perfect.

These are just the ones I chose to get the conversation started. Since they are all “perfect,” they’re listed in alphabetical order.

Angel (Sarah McLachlan) — there are two reasons to watch City of Angels, the spectacular visuals of the angels on the beach at sunrise, and this song.

Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel) — unlike the Beatles, this duo’s break-up record is their masterpiece, and this is my favorite song on the album. “Bridge over Troubled Water” deserves its accolades, but this one sounds more like Simon and Garfunkel to me.

Can You Feel It? (David Crowder Band) — several of Crowder’s could make this list, but this is my favorite of his rockers. If you’re not dancing by the time he gets three words into the intro chorus, something’s wrong with your feet.

The Love of God (Rich Mullins) — several of Rich’s could make the list as well, but this one towers above them all, in spite of being the shortest (sometimes you can say everything that needs to be said in two minutes).

Rolling in the Deep (Adele) — as I’ve said elsewhere, the best four-minutes of R&B recorded by a woman not named Aretha.

Superstar (The Carpenters) — recorded in one take from lyrics written on a napkin, this is Karen’s crystal clear voice at it’s crystal clear best.

Walk to the Well (Ashley Cleveland) — if I could only have one artist’s music on my desert island, it’s neck-and-neck whether it would be Rich or this women, for whom the adjective “husky-voiced” was invented. Wherever your volume is when you start the song, it will be at 11 by the time she gets to the chorus.

Let’s hear some of yours.

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