One Twelth of 12 Angry Men

I just finished reading Escape, and I’m angry.

I’m angry Carolyn lived most of her adult years in fear.
I’m angry her eight children were not allowed physical contact (hugs, etc.) with their parents.
I’m angry that after all she’d documented, her first lawyer still allowed Jessop to have visitation rights to those kids.
I’m angry that Carolyn didn’t even have the police to turn to when she escaped, because they were all in the FLDS as well.
I’m angry that we give this kind of barbarism protection under the guise of “religion”.
I’m angry that, although Carolyn’s escaped the physical clutches of the FLDS, her spiritual condition has not.
I’m angry that the state of Texas turned a blind eye when Jeffs’ moved in to Eldorado.
I’m angry I didn’t get angrier when I read Under the Banner of Heaven a few years ago.
I’m angry that I’m not sure I won’t stop being angry before I’ve done something to help right this injustice.

One thought on “One Twelth of 12 Angry Men

  1. I guess all the hugging we’ve been seeing from Texas between the kids and their parents, happy to be back together, all has been for the cameras. We know FLDS don’t hug their children. Carolyn told us so!

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