Il Mandaloriano

You knew this one would find its way here, too, didn’t you?

We binged the Mandalorian over the holidays with the kids. At a total runtime of 315 minutes, according to IMDB, it’s a little over a half-an-hour longer than FA and TRoS combined, and approximately one million times (to the nearest hundred thousand) better than both of them. It has everything you’d want and more: Apollo Creed, Angel Dust, Jack Cates, a Baby Yoda, the Darksaber.

And the Mandelorian with No Name.

Everything about the series has a spaghetti western feel to it, you don’t have to have watched them for fifty years to notice. He travels alone (at the beginning), he’s a bounty hunter, he comes into dusty towns and gets involved in shootouts with the residents, he doesn’t really care about anything but the money (at the beginning), he literally has no name for seven of the episodes. Even the music (which is excellent) has callbacks to Morricone.

And so, of course, someone did this. It is greatness, and it is hilarious.

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