Have We Met Before, or is That Just a Lion?

In the large “stack” of email I had waiting for me when we got back from Cambodia, one was from the Fort Worth Zoo. We are frequent zoo goers (although not as frequent as we were before the WCG moved to the other side of the world), so I clicked on the link. It took me to their Holiday Adoption page, where you can “adopt” a hippopotamus for Christmas. It wasn’t the adoption info, though, but the picture on the page that drew my eye. I’m still a bit (a lot) jet-lagged, but it looked very familiar.

Because, as it turns out, I took the picture. Now, I know, anyone can say they took a picture. So here is the picture from the web site.

And here is my picture.

“How did this happen?”, you ask. Well, several years ago I entered a photography contest the zoo was running. Part of the boilerplate for entering the contest was that the zoo could use any submitted pictures for promotional purposes. I entered three pictures, including this one.

So, while it didn’t win anything in the contest, it lives on in advertising. Who knew?

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