As a nation, we tend to be lovers of second chances, especially when it comes to talented athletes that play for our team. But it extends to the business world, too — Apple’s rise from being thirty days away from bankruptcy to the  company with the largest capitalization in the world in just a few years, or GM’s rise from the brink (with a little government help).

In the spiritual realm, Jesus called our ultimate second chance “being reborn” or being “born again” (John 3:3), and said it was the only way to the kingdom of God. Nicodemus wasn’t sure what He meant, and I’m not sure many of us do, either. 

In the context of this post, “reborn” refers to what’s happening to the blog formerly known as The Rice Paddy Two. It’s being reborn as “Broken and Saved,” a piece of lyric from an 80’s/90’s musician who didn’t like to wear shoes in concert, played an instrument no one had ever heard of, and captured the hearts of pretty much everyone who ever heard him.

In changing the name, and the look, and the neighborhood, I’m hoping it will motivate me to write more. I enjoy it, and I usually have two or three things rattling around in my head at any moment in time. (If you stand close to me you can hear them.) The goal is to get them from there to here.

Time, and you, will tell if that’s a good thing.

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