On Top of the World

It’s rarely a good idea to review a movie when you’re emotionally invested in the story; it’s seldom a good idea to even see the movie. LoTR is perhaps the only time that’s turned out well for me, and there are dozens of times it hasn’t.

Like millions (literally) of others, I was turned into an armchair mountaineer by Jon Krakaeur’s Into Thin Air. It was therefore with some trepidation that I entered the theater to watch Everest.

Read my review at Truth On Cinema.


If you’ve been reading here very long, you know our family is heavily involved in Cambodia. I’ve been leading short-term mission trips there for several years, and last year our daughter and her family moved there (read about it herehere and their blog here).

Our church has partnered with IJM there the last few years in the work they’re doing to fight sex trafficking of minors. An enormous amount of work has been done there over the last decade, and I was privileged to write a summary of the progress for our church’s web site.

If you’d like to read about it, click here.

Queue Are Est

Let’s talk tea.

Not hot tea — you and Captain Picard can keep your Earl Grey. I’m talking tea the way God originally gave it to Adam and Eve — ice cold, strong, and unsweetened. (If I want to drink a thousand useless calories I’ll do the only reasonable thing and have a Coke.)

This post isn’t about how to make ice tea yourself, but if you want to do that, it couldn’t be simpler. Get a gallon container, put three quarts of hot tap water in it, throw in three large Lipton Cold Brew tea bags, and leave it for a couple of hours.

You Don’t Always Get What You Want

Twelve Years Prior

Her name was Rachel, and she was perfect. How could anything that small and helpless and beautiful not be perfect? So what if she wasn’t a boy? If someone offered him ten sons at this moment, he would turn them all down. Because she was perfect.

Her name was Yael, and she was annoyed. Her time was supposed to have been finished five days ago, but she was still bleeding. She had gone past before, but never this long. She wasn’t concerned, but she was certainly getting tired of the extra laundry.