I ran across this statement recently:

“The greatest danger of television and movies is helping (us) to grow accustomed to the enjoyment of the absence of God.”

I’ve pondered that for a couple of weeks. I generally agree with the sentiment: we need to be careful about what we intake, and a lot of our intake these days is television and movies. (Note the absence of books, probably for a couple of reasons: one, it’s possible to find books that aren’t absent God, and two, who reads books anymore?) But there are couple of implications that I’d like to tackle.

Just Because You’re Paranoid…

Just a quick site administration note. I’ve setup secure hosting for Broken & Saved, which means you should get here with https://www.brokenandsaved.com instead of plain http://www.brokenandsaved.com. The site will automatically redirect you to https if you use forget and use http, but it would be good to update your bookmarks to the site to add the s after http.1

You will (should?) not notice any difference at all. The only difference is that the communication between your web browser and the web site itself is now encrypted, and you have assurance that when you specify this site in your browser, it’s really this site that comes up.