Dos Muchachos and a Gringo

(I wrote this article about our second Guatemala trip for 121’s missions newsletter, I thought I would share it here as well.)

As I rode back from Antigua to Guatemala City by myself last year, I had many thoughts bouncing around in my head (mostly because there’s so much empty space up there). As previously documented, many of those thoughts revolved around Joselin, the girl at the orphanage who had so captivated me. But, there was also the “roller coaster” question — “Hey, that was awesome, can we do it again? Huh, huh, can we, can we, can we?”

As with the roller coaster, the answer was eventually “Yes,” and Easter morning this year found us in Guatemala City, in an intimate worship service with just our team, in preparation for a week with the girls at the orphanage.

Blurred Vision

Ten years ago we had the opportunity to go to England, and, since it was a potentially once-in-a-lifetime trip, I decided to buy a “real” camera. At the time, “real” was a medium-priced Canon film SLR and a couple of decent lenses. The trip was a lot of fun, I took a lot of pictures, and discovered that I liked photography. I wasn’t very good at it, but I liked it.

In the intervening years I’ve upgraded to a digital SLR and a long zoom digicam. I still like to take pictures, but I’m still not very good at it, mostly because I don’t take enough pictures.