Sounds of Silence

Today’s subject is memes, or at least one meme in particular. It’s also going to be slightly controversial, because who doesn’t love a little controversy on a Saturday afternoon? After this I’ll tackle something really controversial, like the clown and the crooked liar that are running for President of the United States1, or the fact that Steak ‘n Shake has lousy steaks and mediocre shakes.

For the uninitiated, meme is pronounced meem, not me-me (which is properly spelled Mimi and concerns another subject entirely).


I was told this week that I have a hobby blog. I got the distinct impression that in that context, “hobby” meant “not read by anybody”.

Which I already knew — I see the stats after all. Yes, that’s a slight exaggeration, it is read by someone (hi, Mom!), but speaking in broad generalities it’s mostly true.

But that triggered the conversation in my head again about whether that’s OK. And then my bill for the website came in yesterday, and I had to think about it again.

I Saw the Light

I’m told I learned to read at three-and-a-half while sitting on my grandfather’s lap while he read the comics to me. I obviously don’t have any memories of that, but, like most of us, neither do I have any memories of not being able to read. Unlike many (most?) of us, however, I don’t have any memories of not wanting to read.

As an elementary child, I lived less than a mile away from a library. The library had a ten book at a time limit, which I discovered by trying to exceed it. I read just about anything I could lay my hands on; kid-sized biographies of two babes (Ruth and Didrikson) and countless others, all of the Nancy Drew’s that existed at the time (forget the Hardy Boys, I was far more interested in the 18-year old female detective), the random book on fractions,1 and book after book after book after book on World War II.